Water Bill Adjustments

For questions regarding bill adjustments contact Port Wentworth City Hall at 912-964-4379. 

There may be several reasons why your most recent utility bill was higher than normal. Some examples include:

  • a high bill due to a leak that was concealed underground or behind a wall;
  • an act of vandalism which caused damage to the water meter; *
  • a key entry error or;
  • an incorrect meter reading.

*Acts of vandalism must be reported to the Port Wentworth Police Department Code Enforcer by calling the non-emergency phone at 912-964-4360 or by clicking here to submit your violation report online.

Customers may receive an adjustment to their bill in any of the above cases. To request a leak credit, please complete the Billing Adjustment Request Form found here. Be sure to indicate the service address, date the leak was noticed and date of repair. The completed form can be faxed to 912-966-7429 or mailed to: City of Port Wentworth, 7224 GA Highway 21, Port Wentworth, Georgia 31407.

Be sure to indicate “Leak Credit” on the fax sheet, subject line or envelope.

The following requirements must be met to be considered for an adjustment:

  • A representative from the Public Services Department must verify that a leak exists/existed by performing a site inspection.
  • All repairs for leaks must be completed within 30 days of discovery of the leak.
  • Billing Adjustment Request Form must be completed and signed by the account holder before credit is given.
  • A copy of the repair receipt/bill(s) and/or a letter from the company or person(s) who completed the repairs must be attached to the adjustment form.

If repairs have not been completed, no adjustment will be applied to the account. However,

  • after the leak has been verified and leaks have been repaired within thirty (30) days of discovery,
  • Billing Adjustment Request Form has been completed,
  • satisfactory evidence (receipts for plumbing equipment and/or contractor's invoices or other documentation) has been provided,
  • and the water volume is thirty-three (33) percent or more greater than the average of the past twelve (12) months then,

>>> The amount of credit on water shall be ten (10) percent of the total water consumed.

>>> The amount of credit on sewer shall be the difference between the average of the past twelve (12) billings for sewage use subtracted from the current sewage use.

Leak adjustments on an account are limited to three (3) in any calendar year.

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