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Port Wentworth Announces Residential Street Parking Ordinance

PORT WENTWORTH, GA – February 9, 2024 – The City of Port Wentworth announces a new parking ordinance that will go into effect on April 2, 2024. The new Residential Street Parking Ordinance prohibits parking on specific neighborhood streets and allows “Odd-Even Parking” on other streets.

“Odd-Even Parking” is a practice in which individuals will be allowed to park on the side of the street with even addresses in even months (Feb., April, June, etc.), and on the side of the street with odd addresses in odd months (Jan. March, May, etc.). Parking is prohibited on all major thoroughfares. A list of the roads affected by this ordinance can be found on the City of Port Wentworth’s website at

“Having vehicles parked on both sides of the street can often make it difficult, if not impossible, for emergency vehicles to drive through. We welcome the new ordinance which will help alleviate this issue and improve safety for residents,” said Port Wentworth Police Chief Kerry Thomas.

The City will be installing new signs at all neighborhoods and residential areas informing people about the new rules. A parking violation citation could range from $75 to $500, depending on how many previous citations have been issued. The City may also tow vehicles if it is deemed a public safety hazard or the individual concerned is a habitual violator.

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