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Port Wentworth Hosts First Town Hall Meeting About Habitat For Humanity Partnership


Last night, the City of Port Wentworth welcomed residents to the first in a series of town hall meetings to seek feedback on potential partnerships and developments in the fast-growing city. Over 70 people including residents, elected officials and city employees packed the Old City Hall in Port Wentworth to hear presentations about the proposed Habitat for Humanity Housing development project on Coleraine Drive/Barnsley Road. A zoning map amendment to the residential zoning area will be required to construct the nonprofit organization’s single family detached and attached owner occupied residences.

Steve Davis, City Manager presented the strategy for renewing the identity and experience of downtown Port Wentworth as a thriving and walkable part of the city as well as a commitment to the northern suburbs. He outlined how the proposed Habitat for Humanity housing development is likely to drive investment from businesses such as grocery stores and went on to update residents about the work the city has undertaken to date to improve aging and long neglected infrastructure. “In just 23 months our new administration for the city of Port Wentworth has replaced wells and sewer lines, cleared and widened ditches, cleaned, painted and repaired public facilities and much more,” Davis said. “We know that there is much work to be done and the investment of millions of dollars to realize the vision for our community for a vibrant, connected city offering an excellent quality of life for all residents.”

Zerik Samples, CEO of Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity, made a presentation about how the nonprofit organization works in communities as an affordable homeownership ministry committed to partnering with working families to realize their dream of owning quality, affordable and energy-efficient homes in safe and revitalizing neighborhoods in the Coastal Empire. Savannah based Thomas & Hutton Engineering Services presented plans developed in association with Design Consultants, Kimley Horn, to illustrate the area for the land upon which the proposed development would be built, subject to council approval.

A number of questions about the proposed development were raised by residents attending the meeting and the panel took time to address concerns and confirm that the City of Port Wentworth is committed to ongoing dialogue and opportunities for feedback at future town hall meetings.

“We are taking a multipronged approach and building partnerships with many different entities to encourage and support revitalization such as the proposed Habitat for Humanity development. For example, we are improving traffic and connectivity through the introduction of CAT services, working with GDOT to widen roads and planning trails for families to walk and cycle within the city. Recreational facilities are coming to Port Wentworth as we welcome the Ghost Pirates training facility and build the new amphitheater. In addition, we are actively pursuing private industry and investment to bring more restaurants, retail and medical facilities to Port Wentworth,” said Davis. “We understand that we need to continually engage with residents and work to strengthen lines of communication and our town hall meeting initiative is just part of our strategy to achieve these objectives”. For more information, please visit and follow on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

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